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Heise Zip



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About us:

Heise Zip is our most adventurous attraction here at Heise! If fun, adventure, and excitement are what you're looking for, then you have come to the right place! We have created a zipline tour that consists of 7 separate ziplines which cover over 1.5 miles of terrain! We provide you with everything you need for this daring venture. From arrival and orientation to safety equipment and instruction on the lines, our experienced guides are with you from start to finish. Even transportation to and from the mountain in our ATVs is part of the fun!

Heise Zip is designed so that practically anyone can fully enjoy the experience of this adrenaline-pumping, jaw-dropping thrill ride! Each zipline varies between 300 and 1,400 feet in length. Plan to spend up to 2 hours on the full tour (depending on the size of your group) for this adventure. (A shorter course with just 3 ziplines is also available; it averages 30-45 minutes duration, depending on group size.) Enjoy an unparalleled view of Heise from above and learn about its history, all while checking this exhilarating experience off your bucket list!

What makes us different from the rest?

  • Our course offers double lines: two ziplines run side-by-side, allowing you the opportunity to experience the rush of flying through the air right next to one of your friends or family. 
  • Our customers appreciate being able to ride seven separate zips, as it provides the chance to become more comfortable -and confident- before the adventure ends.
  • Our customer service ranks at the top! Our knowledgeable guides give you personal attention and work with YOUR specific needs to ensure that you have an amazing time. Check out our reviews!
  • We cater to a wide variety of clients. because our guides do the work for you, it requires very little exertion to ride our lines. This enables us to accommodate children, elderly persons, and especially scaredy-cats! Believe it or not, walking from one zipline to the next is the hardest part!
  • Due to the unique design of our course, and our highly trained staff, we are able to accommodate large groups. We routinely take family reunions, youth groups, and company parties out on the hill. So whether you are single, just one couple, or a large gathering, we will show you the time of your life!

If you have been waiting to try ziplining, let us take care of you. No more excuses! Here at Heise Zip, we have adopted as our motto what our customers frequently tell us: "We make having fun MORE fun!"



3-Line Tour (Minimum 6 Riders Required for 3-Line Tour)
$50 per person

7-Line Tour
$80 per person
Group Rates Available. Please call for more info.

Prices are a flat rate per person; must be 8 or older and weigh less than 250lbs. 
Minimum Age: 8 years old
Maximum Weight: 250 lbs

Reservations are required, and minors under 18 MUST have a waiver signed by their LEGAL parent or guardian
Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a paid adult.

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Book Now

Reserve your tour online starting April 1st!

Phone: 208-538-7312 ext 5

Map of the ZipLines

*Red Lines and Stations on map mark the new zipline loop additions, including the longest zipline run to date!*